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  • My teacher is amazing in every sense of the word and has helped me immensely in my Spanish journey. I've definitely noticed improvement in both my comprehension and verbal skills, which help me communicate with my patients because I can converse with them more now rather than just simply "doing the exam".
    Dr. David Kageyama
  • I feel like my Spanish is progressing so much faster now. My teacher sends me study materials and exercises, taking me through each concept in a structured way. Plus we have lots of fun conversations that really help me get comfortable communicating in Spanish. Really enjoying my classes!
    Agnes M.
    World Traveller
  • After returning home from several months in Argentina, I worried that I would lose all the Spanish I learned. I'm so glad I found this way of learning. Marlin (my instructor) developed a detailed lesson plan that meets the goals I've set out for myself. And best of all, I can take my lessons wherever I happen to be. She will be "joining me" on a few upcoming trips so I can keep up with my studies.
    Christopher H.
  • I took group Spanish classes but after 1 and a half years I was still a beginner. However since starting with Verbalicity I've already noticed a marked improvement in my overall fluency in just a few weeks. Julia (my teacher) is VERY patient and supportive...seriously, I must drive her nuts with my pronunciation!
    Elizabeth M.
    Works from Home
  • Learn Spanish fast with Verbalicity
    I've always wanted to learn Spanish, but as a father and a business owner, there's not a lot of time left in the day to enrol in a class. Verbalicity gives me the flexibility to take the lessons right at my desk and on my own schedule. My teacher Carolina is a true professional, the lessons are high quality, and the prices are best-in-class.
    Paul L.
  • Two of my best friends are Latinos, so I get to hear Spanish almost every day. Learning with Verbalicity has been a great way to improve my Spanish so we can get the most out of our time together. I also love Salsa music, and now I finally understand what they’re singing about!
    Laurel S.
    Naturopathic Doctor
  • Verbalicity = flexibility. I get to learn on my schedule (which can be challenging at times) and in the comfort of my own home. At first, I wasn't sure how learning with a teacher thousands of miles away would work, but I get way more interaction than I have ever had in any classes I have taken anywhere else.
    Vicky B.
    Project Management

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