How It Works

Live Spanish lessons with the best teachers. Anytime, Anywhere.

1. Download Skype or Zoom

All of our lessons are taught through Skype or Zoom video calls.

Skype and Zoom are free to use and lets you make video calls from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

With Skype, you'll have to also create a free account.

Get Skype Get Zoom

2. Sign up for a free trial

Get started with a free 60-minute trial lesson, where you'll get to experience Verbalicity first hand.

We do not ask for your credit card or any other sensitive information.

Just tell us the date and time you want your lesson, and a little bit about your learning goals.

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3. Enjoy your trial lesson

Based on the information you provide us, we will match you up with a teacher that will be the best fit for you. You'll get an email with the teacher's contact information.

Your teacher will contact you on Skype or send you a Zoom link (depending on which one you prefer). At the scheduled time, simply show up and start your lesson!

During the lesson, your teacher will come up with a personalized lesson plan to help you reach your learning goals.

4. Keep learning!

After the trial, you'll be able to activate your Verbalicity account, and enroll in paid lessons to continue learning.

Then, simply schedule the next lesson with your teacher, and you'll be well on your way to learning Spanish, the Verbalicity way!

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1What makes Verbalicity stand out from other options?
There are 2 main reasons why learning Spanish with Verbalicity is so effective:

1. Our Method: Real-life immersion that focuses on getting you the best results in the least amount of time. (Learn More)

2. Our Teachers: Highly experienced, certified, and chosen through our 4-Step selection process. (Learn More)

Click here to see a comparison of Verbalicity against the competition.
2Can learning online really compare to face-to-face lessons?
Our online Skype lessons are actually more effective than learning with an in-person tutor, or in a classroom. It is an immersive experience where it feels like your teacher is really in front of you.

Since you can learn anytime and anywhere, you can choose to take lessons when you are most alert. You are also able to practice conversation in an environment where you can feel truly comfortable (at home for example).

The other advantage is that during the lesson, your teacher will share with you learning materials in the form of documents, online articles, audio and video. You'll have access to materials and can do exercises that wouldn't be possible in a face-to-face situation.

In fact, many of our students who have tried taking language courses before, have told us that they learn more in 1-hour with Verbalicity, than 3-hours in a classroom.
3Can I really book lessons at any time?
Yes. You can email your teacher to schedule a lesson at any day (weekdays / weekends) and time that is convenient for you. We have many teachers on staff and we'll be sure to match you up with one who can best accommodate your schedule.

There will often be a time zone difference between you and our teachers (who live in Latin America). Here are some general guidelines as to when our teachers are available, depending on your location:

USA & Canada: All day (6:00AM - Midnight)

Europe: Afternoon, Evenings, Early Mornings (1:00PM - 7:00AM)

Australia: Mornings, Afternoons, Late Evenings (10:00PM - 4:00PM)

4Are your lessons suitable for complete beginners?
Yes. The majority of students come to us as complete beginners. We have programs specifically designed to take you from zero knowledge to an advanced level. Our teachers can also communicate in English to help you along in the beginning.

Remember, it is never too soon early to start SPEAKING the language you are trying to learn, even if you only know a few words. Our teachers are extremely patient, and you will feel at ease learning to speak in a non-judgmental, comfortable environment.
5How many lessons do I need?
The average student spends about 2 hours per week learning. This is significantly less time than traditional methods, where it would take 10+ hours to get the same results. Most of our students have reached their desired level of fluency in 6-12 months!

The number of lessons you need also depends on your goals. If you are looking to brush up your travel Spanish ahead of a trip, maybe 10 hours is all you need. But if you are committed to going from zero Spanish to conversational fluency, you may need 50-100 hours. Everyone learns at their own pace, but at the end of the day, our 1-on-1 lessons are the most efficient way to learn.
6Do I take all of my lessons with the same teacher?
The majority of our students will stay with the same teacher for all of their lessons. Sticking to one teacher is great for continuity, and as you get to know each other better, you'll have deeper, more diverse conversations, which will accelerate your learning. However, if you want to switch teachers for whatever reason, just let our Customer Coordinator know and we'll make it happen. We are there to support you 24/7.
7Can I learn with a friend or my significant other?
Yes, you may learn with one additional person at no extra cost. Just make sure that the two of you are roughly at the same level in terms of Spanish knowledge, and let us know when you sign up for a trial lesson.
8Can I sign up for lessons on behalf of my son / daughter?
Yes, however use the same curriculum with children as our adult learners. Therefore, the student needs to be at least a teenager (older than 10 years), since there is no special program for children younger than that age.